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I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having Ron work for me on several high profile, complex, and demanding retail projects and would recommend Ron Müller & Associates to anyone in the development industry for expert service. Ron has always maintained the highest level of personal integrity which is critical in our business, a business that is known to be under constant public review and scrutiny.
— Mr. Mark Hebert, Vice President of Development at Grossman Development Group, LLC
Traffic engineering involves mathematical analysis of the most rigorous kind, but at the same time it involves the most complex and difficult of all endeavors….predicting human behavior. The insertion of such a highly unpredictable variable, the New England driver, adds to the science of traffic engineering another dimension; that of an art. Ron excels at both the science and the art. His technical competence is unparalleled. He provides exceptional work product at a fair price, and then succeeds at achieving even the most strenuous schedule demands. He commands a deep and valuable familiarity with the intricacies of the multiple governmental agencies that regulate the transportation system. But along with these talents, Ron brings something far more valuable to our projects. Ron brings a keen insight for understanding this social facet of his discipline that is so difficult to “engineer”, and an extraordinary gift for translating the technical complexities of traffic engineering to the lay person. This final skill is perhaps the more valuable to the success of a real estate development project. The traffic engineer must not only design a safe and efficient access plan, but must also be able to communicate his findings to the public in an understandable manner. In my opinion, Ron’s greatest asset, (among his many), has been his clear, credible, and compelling manner to articulate his findings and recommendations to diverse (and sometimes hostile) audiences. I have witnessed first-hand as project opponents, have listened to and understood Ron, often against their will, and become believers in his solutions. After watching Ron succeed in this manner for almost 20 years, I highly recommend him.
— Mr. Lou Masiello, Vice President of Development, W/S Development Associates LLC
As a zoning attorney I work with many experts in presenting land use proposals. Over the years I have become attuned to two different types of skill and I have noticed that many of the experts I use have one, but not the other. Some are excellent at collecting, analyzing and presenting data, in high quality presentations, including slides and bound studies. Others excel on their feet before local administrative land-use agencies. Ron is that rare expert consultant that possesses both skill sets. He prepares very thorough, high quality traffic analyses and reports, which always hold up under scrutiny, but he also excels at the podium when called upon to provide explanations or answer questions. When my clients hire Ron Muller to handle traffic, I find that I am able to spend very little time worrying about this important discipline; Ron has it covered, with a gentle and reassuring manner.
— Mr. Christopher Senie, Attorney and Developer at Riverbridge North, LLC
Over the years, I’ve worked with Ron on many retail development projects, in several different states. His understanding of our ever-evolving business, coupled with his familiarity of the various state and federal regulatory frameworks and personnel has always made him an invaluable part of our project team. Although his subject matter is not most people’s choice for bedtime reading, Ron’s work-product is thorough, concise, and easily understood. His public presentations are always well-received and his thoughtful, on-point responses to questions leave even the most ardent project opponent satisfied. Ron’s scope and fees are always competitive and he manages his budget carefully, but more importantly, he always considers the overall project budget when solving issues that arise during the entitlement process. I look forward to working with Ron for many years to come, and I would highly recommend him and his firm.
— Mr. Jeff Curley, Senior Project Manager, W/S Development Associates LLC
Ron is the type of professional you can always count on. He has a solid understanding of how to put a practical and cost effective design together, in addition having the ability to construct permitting strategies that assist the client in expediting approvals. However, what sets Ron apart from the rest are his presentation skills. In a public hearing setting, Ron is always in control of the facts and has a very natural way of presenting them. Because of this, he is able to put concerns over traffic to rest quickly and leave the audience feeling confident about the project. If concerns do arise, Ron commands and sense of calm, which more times than not diffuses an otherwise difficult situation.
— Mr. Michael Fabbiano, Managing Principal at Highpoint Engineering, Inc.
Ron was extremely thorough in gathering the information that assisted us in obtaining the necessary permits for our new dealership. His professional manner and ability to present his findings at the hearings expedited the process and allowed us to stay on schedule. His work exceeded my expectation.
— Mr. Andy Crews, President & CEO, AutoFair Companies